Bamiyan is a city in Afghanistan located in the Hindukush Mountain Range, altitude of 2,500m. It is surrounded by mountains. It lays approximately 240km north-west of Kabul. Bamiyan is the site of an early Buddhist monastery. Many statues of Buddha are carved into the sides of cliffs facing the city. The two most prominent of these statues were standing Buddha’s, now known as the Buddha’s statues of Bamiyan. Measuring 55 and 37 meters high, they were considered as the largest standing Buddha carvings in the world. They were probably erected in the 4th or 5th century AD. They were cultural landmarks for many years and are listed as one of UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites.

In March 2001 the Taliban regime ordered them to be destroyed. One of the world’s greatest and tallest cultural treasures was decimated with artillery and explosives. After the destruction of the Buddha’s, 50 caves were revealed. In 12 of the caves, several wall and ceiling paintings were discovered. It is believed that the paintings were done by artists traveling on the Silk Road, the trade route between China and the West. Bamiyan is also known for its natural beauty and great food.

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Aghan Food- It's All About Flavour

Aghan Cuisine is dedicated to portraying many different flavours though it has similarities with neighboring countries such as India, Mongolia, Persia and Greece back from Alexandria the great. Afghan Cuisine is undeniably unique and has been considered one of the most flavoursome cuisines worldwide. Flavours of Afghan food include four masalas, cuman, cinnamon, cardamom, chilli, coriander, mint and black pepper. Vegetables such as onion, tomato and yogurt are also of major importance. Signature dishes include Kabuli Pallow, Dumpling Ashaak and Mantu and of course fresh Naan bread. Afghan cuisine reflects its ethnic and geographic diversity for all to enjoy.

About Bamiyan

Since August 2011 Bamiyan Restaurant has achieved many successes due to numbers of reviews from different famous sources like: The Sydney Morning herald (Taste Temple) by Megan Johnston, Daily Telegraph (Trays of Plenty) by Simon Thomsen and Time Out Magazine. Also many good reviews on food critic websites such as dimmi, Trip Adviser and many more. On the 4th April 2013, Bamiyan Restaurant has been featured in the SBS Food Safari Afghan Episode, since then, Bamiyan Restaurant was reviewed by The Sydney Morning Herald good food under $30 for 2013 and 2014.

After the success of Bamiyan Restaurant at Five Dock, in 2014 a new Bamiyan Restaurant has opened in the Hills District area of Dural. Soon it became successful and one of the best restaurants in Dural Hills (Hills District).

Year of 2016 is a good year for Bamiyan Restaurant, after the success of Five Dock and Dural, we are now announcing a new location; Bamiyan Water Front Restaurant at Bella Vista.

We would like to thank all our great customers for their great support to make this possible and thanks to the Bamiyan Team for their hard work.

Your Host and Chef
Haseeb Miazad “Michael”