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(All members of a table must order must order the same banquets)
Minimum of 2 person for Standard Banquet and Banquet 1
Minimum of 3 person for Banquet 2

Standard Banquet (2 Entree 3 Main)

$ 40.00

Entrée: Steam Dumpling and Kachaloo Boulanee Main: Choice of Grill Skewer, Choice of Qorma and Sindhi Biryani served with Naan bread side salad & Dips. (1 Skewer per person)

Banquet 1

$ 50.00

(4 Entrée 2Mains + Kabuli pallow Rice) Entrée: Steam Dumpling, Kachaloo Boulanee, KoobidehGrill, Chicken Grill and side Salad. Mains: Choice of two Qorma served with Kabuli rice Naan bread+ Yogurt dip.

Banquet 2

$ 60.00

(4 Entrees 4 Mains + Kabuli Rice) Entrée: Steam dumpling, Kachaloo boulanee, Lamb chargrills, Koobideh chargrill, Chicken Chargrill and side salad+ Yogurt dip & Chutney. Mains: Choice of vegetarian, Lamb, chicken, beef dishes served with Kabuli rice & Naan bread.

Vegetarian Banquet

$ 40.00

(3 Entrees 3 mains) Entrée: Steam veg dumpling, Boulanee and samosa + yogurt dip and Afghan chutney. Mains: Choice of main dishes Served with Orange rice, Challow rice and Afghan Naan Bread.