Nights in Kabul | Platter for Four

2 Tonight, in Kabul City you are invited to Family friend house for Afghan feast.
Welcoming guests greet with starter and mains below.

Served 01

$ 16.00

Butter-fried Vegetable Pakawras served with Yogurt-chutney dip.

Served 02

$ 140

Chicken Tikka Skewer, Koobideh Skewer, Mantu Dumpling, Banjan Boranee Lamb Kurooti, Kabuli Pallow Rice, Naan Bread, Salad + Yogurt dip and Afghan Chutney.

Nights in Kabul Street | Platter for Four

Tonight,you are going to street of Kabul for street food experience. Smoky streets with amazing smell of chargrill all around.

Served 01

$ 130

12 Skewer of mixed Chargrill kabab served with Afghan Naan Pallow Rice, Salad + Yoghurt dip and Afghan Chutney.

Nights in Kabul Wedding | Platter for Six

Tonight,you are invited to a family friend wedding. Colour full wedding with traditional wedding ceremony, live music band and dancing all night with amazing Food below.

Served 01

$ 24.00

Butter-fried Vegetable Pakawras served with Yorgurt-Chutney dip.

Served 02

$ 230

Chicken Tikka Skewer, Koonideh skewer, Mantu dumpling, Chicken Qorma, Banjan Boranee, Sholla e Goshti served with Onange Pallow Rice, Kabuli Pallow Rice, Naan bread and Salad + Yogurt dip Afghan Chutney and Vegetable pickles.

Banquets Menu

(All members of a table must order must order the same banquets)
Minimum of 2 person for Mix Grill Banquet and Banquet 1
Minimum of 3 person for Banquet 2 and 3

Mix Grill Banquet (Street Grills+Biryani)

$ 33.00

Choice of 3 chargrills on skewers+Sindhi Biryani served with Naan bread,salad, Raita and chutney.

Banquet 1 (4 Entrées 2 Mains)

$ 37.00

Entrée: Steam Dumpling, Kachaloo Boulanee, Koobideh Chargrill, Chicken Chargrill + yogurt dip and Afghan Chutney. Mains: Choice of two Main dishes served with Kabuli Pallow Rice and Naan bread. + Yogurt dip and chutney.

Banquet 2 (4 Entrées 3 Mains)

$ 42.00

Entrée: Steam Dumpling, Kachaloo Boulanee, Chicken Chargrill, Lamb Koobida Chargrill+ Yogurt dip and chutney Mains: Choice of three main dishes served with Kabuli Kabuli Pallow rice, Challow rice and Naan Bread.

Banquet 3 (5 entrée, 5 Mains)

$ 50.00

Entrée: Steam dumpling, Kachaloo boulanee, Lamb chargrill, Koobideh chargrill, Chicken Chargrill + Yogurt dip and Chutney. 5 Main courses choice of vegetarian, Lamb, chicken, beef dishes served with Kabuli rice, orange pallow rice and Naan bread.

Vegetarian Banquet (3 entrees, 3 mains)

$ 35.00

Entrée: Steam veg dumpling, Boulanee and samosa + yogurt dip and Afghan chutney. Mains: Choice of main dishes Served with Orange rice, Challow rice and Afghan Naan Bread.