Express Lunch - $17.00

(eat in or takaway)
Choice of 1 main
(Chicken Koodamani korma, Butter Chicken, Lamb
Kurooti, Gosh Sabzi, Kachaloo Loobia) Served
with Challow Rice & Afghan Naan bread

Super Lunch - $23.00

(2 entree, 1 mains)
Choice of Lamb, Chicken or Vegetarian.
Served with Pallow Rice , Naan bread and Raita.

BANQUET 1 - $30

(4 entrees, 2 mains)
Entree: Steam dumpling, Boulanee, Koobida kabab, Chicken tikka or your choice.
Main: Choice of two main dishes served with kabuli rice, Afghan naan bread, Raita and Afghan chutney.
Including House Wine or Tab Beer.

BANQUET 2 - $35

(4 entrees, 3 mains)
Entree: steam dumpling, Afgan flat bread, Koobida kabab & chicken Tikka.
3 Main: Choice of vegetarian, chicken & beef or Iamb dishes with Afgan traditional Kabuli Pallow rice & Challow rice served with Naan Raita (Yogurt Dip) and Afghan chutney.
Including House Wine or Tab Beer.

Qeema Pallow

$ 15.00

Choice of Lamb and Vegetarian Lamb Minced Qorma cooked with split peas served with Pallow Rice.

Sindhi Briyani

$ 18.00

(Choice of Lamb and Chicken) Hot or Medium Famous Lamb Sindhi Biryani from sindh province served with Raita.

Ashaak Dumpling

$ 18.00

Afghan favourite meal with chopped chives dumpling topped with chick-pea, tomato, ground mince sauce and yogurt. Garnished with ground mint served with side salad.

Grill Menu – Afhan Street Food

Choice of Chicken Tikka, Tikka Kabab, Koobida kabab & Chophan Kabab Served with Naan bread or Rice, Salad & dip. One skewer – $14.00 Two skewers – $24.00 Three skewers – $36.00 Four skewers – $48.00

Afghan Testy Plate

$ 23.00

Combination of Lamb, Chicken charcoal grill, dumpling and Bolanee served with side salad, Raita and Afghan Chutney.

Kabuli Pallow

$ 22.00

(Choice of lamb and chicken) Traditional Afghan rice cooked & flavoured  with cumin powder & cardamon, filled with  pieces of lamb on bone or chicken tikka topped with a layer of Julian caramelizes carrot, sultana and almond nuts served with chicken koodamdi korma.

Afghan Pasta

$ 15.00

(Choice of Lamb and Veg.) Afghan style pasta with lyre of lamb mince and Dall-Nakhut sauce tap it with yogurt & garnish with ground mint.