Lunch Specials

Baulkam hills NSW

(Monday to Friday)

Braddon ACT

(Monday to Friday)


(Friday & Saturday)

Express Lunch$15.00
(eat in or takaway)
Choice of 1 main
(Chicken Koodamani korma, Butter Chicken, Lamb Kurooti, Gosh Sabzi, Banjan Boranee, Kachaloo Loobia, Daal). Pallow Rice & Afghan Naan bread Including any soft drink.

Super Lunch$20.00
(2 entree, 2 mains)
Entree: Chicken Tikka, steam dumpling
Main: Lamb kurooti and Kachaloo Loobia korma, served with Pallow Rice and Afghan Naan bread. Including glass of wine, local Beer or any soft drink.


Banquet 1$24.00
4 Entrees and 2 Mains.
Including glass of wine, local beer or any soft drink.

Banquet 3$32.00
4 Entrees and 4 Mains.
Including glass of wine, local beer or any soft drink.

Banquet 2$28.00
3 Entrees and 3 Mains.
Including glass of wine, local beer or any soft drink..

Other Items

Kachaloo Bolanee$7.00
Afghan flat bread stuffed with potato, chopped onion shallot, and spices cooked pan fried served with yogurt sauce.

Sholla (Afghan Risotto)$16.00
Choice of Lamb,Chicken, Beef and vegetarian.

Ashaak Dumpling$16.00
Afghan favourite meal with chopped chives dumpling topped with chick-pea, tomato, ground mince sauce and yogurt. Garnished with ground mint served with side salad.

Kabuli Pallow$22.00
(Choice of lamb and chicken)
Traditional Afghan rice cooked and flavoured with cumin powder and cardamon, filled with pieces of lamb on bone or chicken tikka topped with a layer of Julian caramelizes carrot, sultana and almond nuts served with chicken koodamdi korma.

Afghan Testy Plate for Two or One$40.00 or $20.00
Combination of Lamb, Chicken charcoal grill, dumpling and Bolanee served with side salad, Raita and Afghan Chutney.

All Meals include any choice of Soft Drinks.

*All Our Curries are Gluten Free and made Fresh on the Pan after your Order has been placed.

*Please Inform us beforehand If you are Allergic To Nuts or any other Ingredients.
All Prices are Inclusive of GST
Corkage $3.00 Per Person - BYO Wine Only
Prices are Subject to Change Without Prior Notice